STYLE GURU BIO: Victoria Chardiet

Hola fellow Fashionistas/os! My name is Victoria Chardiet and this is my second rad semester as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista! I am a wide eyed freshman at Pratt Institute in good old Brooklyn, New York studying Industrial Design. Although I am not studying fashion per se, it has always been a passion of mine. Walking down the street, I often get strange looks as I inspect the cool outfits that I see on other people. I then proceed to race home, inspired, to see how I can incorporate what i’ve seen into my own look.

Fashion, like life itself, is always in flux; and being at a point of such drastic transition in my life, I am assuming that my style will be changing along with me. In terms of fashion, my move to Brooklyn, and to Pratt for that matter, has been an exciting one. Suddenly I am surrounded by people who are not only passionate about what they are studying, but passionate about the way they present themselves to the world, as well. As art students, all the people that surround me really understand the value of visual impressions, and as such put significant effort into the what they wear each day. Campus is like a living breathing runway, with everything from casual preppy to extremely art nouveau, it’s a hodge podge of individual style.

My own style has been shifting and changing over the past couple of months as I attempt to find the perfect balance between the minimalist and the classic. Per usual, white button-downs continue to be my trademark, but lately, I have taken to adding ‘trendy’ pieces to them to add a bit of edge to the overall look. These black culottes are the best thing for the tail end of summer for when you want the fall to come but it’s still too warm outside for pants.

As I dash out the door to the seemingly never ending parade of 2D, 3D and yes even 4D classes, the one thing I will never leave behind is a bold lip. I am absolutely thrilled to start talking fashion in the fashion capital of the world and can’t wait to bring you all along for the ride!