STYLE GURU BIO: Victoria Alekseyko

Hi everyone! My name is Victoria Alekseyko, I’m a senior at Johnson & Wales University majoring in fashion merchandising and retail marketing. This is my third semester as a Style Guru with CollegeFashionista. I’m so excited to be writing and photographing for CollegeFashionista this fall, especially since school is just around the corner.

I’m very artistic, eccentric and creative. I thought in my sophomore year that I didn’t really fit in with my major, many people were sort of uptight in my major, the sooner I realized I don’t need to fit in. I enjoy standing out from the crowd and being unique in my own way. Although that’s what I actually love about this field, you don’t really need to fit in. I never was the type of person that ever fit in anyways and I never really tried, I honestly don’t really care what people think; life is too short.

My style is mixed with a little bit of everything, I’ve been working at J.Crew Factory for quite some time so it varies. Some days I dress preppy but with a little bit of edge, I don’t like to be too preppy. I usually shop at Urban Outfitters, or wherever I see something that stands out, depends on what I need. I enjoy playing with different patterns and combinations when it comes to picking out an outfit. If you saw my closet, you’d probably see a variety of different trends.

I also enjoy taking risks when it comes to fashion, pairing different types of clothes together that you wouldn’t usually put together. Such as in my outfit above I have a vintage maxi skirt with a crop top from H&M and sandals from T.J.Maxx. I always get so excited when I have occasions coming up that give me a chance to decide on an outfit that is creative and different. Can’t wait to be taking pictures of future Fashionistas and Fashionistos around the JWU campus.

For me, back to school is a time to start all over, create new inspirations and set goals for the upcoming year. I hope everyone has a #RAD semester and I can’t wait to be sharing some cool outfits with all of you! Remember to always look at the bright side of things no matter what college has to bring with its craziness. Can’t wait to be writing and posting for CollegeFashionista this upcoming semester.