January 8th, 2016 at 2:00am

Fashion designer, Adama Amanda Ndiaye. once said, “Fashion is life and just like life, you must always express your feelings freely.”

Honestly, this is a quote that means so much to me. I am a strong believer in wearing whatever you want and just being confident. Oh yes honey, you better work werk!

Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is Victoria Jonas, but I’m better known as Vicky J. The state of Maryland is where I was born and raised. However, Howard University, also know as the Mecca, is where I call my college home. I major in journalism and will be soon seeking a minor in design. I’m honored to join the Style Guru family!

I grew up in the wrong decade! Ever since I can remember, I’ve been told my style is totally ’90s. As you can see in my pictures, I love my black ripped denim jeans and blue wash denim jacket, which I’ve had since the second grade! But, when I’m not dibbing and dabbing into the trends of the 90’s, I would dub my style as urban, casual and slightly tomboyish. One of my #ootd go-to pieces are my Sk8-Hi Vans, which go with everything. Lately, I’ve been in love with my “More Issues Than Vogue” black leather watch. My love for this watch is motivated by my goals of becoming the Editor-in-Chief of a major magazine publication. And like most fashion lovers, I love Vogue magazine.

So I’m extremely excited to show y’all my passion for writing and love for fashion through each of my articles. Most importantly, I can’t wait to explore the fashions of my fellow Bison on HU’s campus.