Just imagine flipping through your favorite magazine and seeing my name: Victoria Jonas, on the masthead. Although that’s just a dream for now, I definitely plan to make it a reality in a few years. Until then, you can catch me chasing down Fashionistas for details about their outfits. This being my second semester as a Style Guru, I cannot wait to create even better content! Fortunately, I attend the fashionable and illustrious Howard University, so creating amazing content will not be that difficult. At Howard, I am studying journalism with a minor in graphic design.

If I were to describe my style, I would say my style is tomboy-ish, urban and casual as well as ‘90s-inspired. But more recently, I have been experimenting with my style. With Coachella occurring back in April, I got inspired to DIY my own floral headpiece and choker. As you can see, my floral headpiece gives off a Mother Nature vibe as it lies gracefully in my kinky curls. My choker is simple but really brings the look together. With my creative mind in overload, I also created a homemade distressed T-shirt. Grabbing an old T-shirt with white paint and some bleach, I produced a pretty awesome shirt. When it came down to accessories, I quickly opted for my thrifted leather woven purse. And my look could not be completed without my gold name necklace. This customizable necklace makes a little statement and it is great for personal branding. Additionally, I could not talk about my outfit without mentioning my shoes. I am totally in love with my adidas slides. With Rihanna releasing her furry Puma slides and Beyoncé releasing her Ivy Park slides, slides are becoming very trendy and popular. If you were not lucky enough to snag a pair of their slides, you can customize your own pair like me or find a pair that suits your style.

So with that all said and done, I cannot wait to create more engaging content. Stay tuned because this will be a #RAD summer!