September 4th, 2015 at 2:00am

Skipping past the Chanel quotes and all those inspiring messages from other designers, influencers and writers that are the epitome of fashion and all things associated with it, I want to illustrate my take on fashion, which transcends the top surface of superficiality.

My name is Vicky and I am beyond lucky to be attending the Fashion Institute of Technology as a Fashion Merchandising major and prior to learning about FIT’s existence, I was honestly at loose ends when it came to choosing my college education because I love fashion with neither the talent or interest in designing. The FMM program suited me and opened my eyes to the countless possibilities within the field. I joined the CollegeFashionista team to become a better writer in the one industry that interests me and to bring forth attention the diversification of the fashion community.

My obsession with fashion stemmed from the fact that as a child, I was dressed as a plain Jane. Never mind the fact that I looked like a tomboy with my choppy haircut, but I never felt comfortable in my own clothes, which were more or less hand-me-downs. I remember distinctly ditching the cool toys every kid fawned over for my first pair of Converse, a pleated miniskirt and cute sweaters.

Fast-forward to the present—my clothing, my taste and my style are redefined, but I could never encapsulate myself to one fashion personality, as I have a multitude of them and it depends on my mood. I was enamored with the idea that fashion is not wholly based on looking nice but it’s one of the best forms of art and non-verbal expression. Fashion and dressing the way I want to dress is a joy and challenge all the same because to me, it’s never boring and I love challenging myself, whether it’s mixing prints and textures or accessories.

I’m decked out in Forever 21: this crop top may look a bit extreme if you’re not one to show off a lot of skin, so I paired it with a long, A-line skirt to bring class to it and black platforms for added height. I topped it off with a wide-brim fedora, which is one of my favorite accessories.

Outside CollegeFashionista and studying, I also have my personal blog to look after and I work with Karen Kane. I am continuously thankful for the opportunity to study and intern in Manhattan and I’m stoked to report what’s up and coming of my fellow students’ individual style.