STYLE GURU BIO: Vanessa Walker

Hi there, Fashionistas/os! My name is Vanessa Walker and I am a student studying photography at University of Huddersfield. I will be graduating next year, but it’s never too late to go and try something new. I am so excited to get started as a Style Guru for this summer semester for the amazing CollegeFashionista blog.

When I was younger I was never one to keep up to date on fashion trends, but I was a very much dress kinda girl and would never be seen dead in a pair of tracksuit bottoms. I would always love to dress up in my frilliest dresses even to just go the park or walk my dog… but you always have to look your best, right? Studying photography lets me work alongside fashion students as well to help with their projects, and its always so much fun being creative.

Now that I am older, I rarely dress up in dresses, except for night outs but living in Liverpool every Saturday night is like a personal catwalk. It only takes a quick glance at my outfits to describe my personal style: elegant and chic. (This is basically just a dressed up way to say black). Black really does make everyone look amazing though.

Although, I am studying in Huddersfield I will be home in Liverpool for the summer so will be street styling here. The people of Liverpool as you may know have a varied kind of style, no matter where you’re going there is always an excuse to get dressed up and look your best. There’s no such thing as being “overdressed” for the corner shop. Everyone in Liverpool, has their own personal style which gives the city centre a very cool edge. I’m here to capture our very own Fashionistas/os.

When it comes to fashion, theres no specific set of rules that people should follow by and that is what is so great about fashion. My style may change, but taking risks is whats so fun about it.

In these photos, I’m wearing my super comfy Dungarees some Chelsea boots, and one of my favourite coats! Since I live in England, it’s never sunny so having a number of coats/jackets to hand is always a must.

My tip for you is to just have fun expressing yourself and share it with the world!