STYLE GURU BIO: Urechi Oguguo

September 4th, 2015 at 2:10am

Hi there, fellow Fashionistas/os!

My name is Urechi Oguguo, but I mostly go by “Ure” because most people find my full name hard to say (but that’s okay! I’ve heard so many variations of the pronunciation that even I tend to mess it up sometimes). I am originally a proud native of the richly cultured country of Nigeria and studying as an international student allows me to view the world in different perspectives. I am a junior at The University of Texas at San Antonio, majoring in Architecture. When I’m not solving design problems or receiving constructive criticism in the architecture studio, I am most likely trying to keep up with my  favorite TV shows or living my life as the unofficial occasional fashion therapist that I am.

When I was really young, any time I couldn’t find a dress I completely liked at the store, my mother would let me draw out the design for exactly what I wanted, pick out the fabric I wanted it in and then she had a tailor bring my design to life. It was always the best thing! It was also the trigger to my life as a Fashionista. At a young age, I realized the significance of self-expression through style. I was always the designer and “creative genius” (self-proclaimed). Throughout secondary school, I was the first call for an artistic opinion, or an event decorator. This gradually molded my career path towards architecture. Fashion and architecture, although distinct, are in a way related as they both reflect society and its culture and vernacular. They both serve similar functions, relating the “inside” with the “outside” and allowing both sides to reflect on the other.

My self-braided red yarn locs have been my favorite accessory this past few weeks; they work well with all my daily outfits and are fun to style. I paired them with my favorite pattern of every season—plaid)—with this long button-down shirt and a pair of black skinny jeans with my fierce black buckle booties.

Style is one way to express yourself without saying a word and I admire uniqueness and individuality in personal style. I hardly ever follow “trend of the season.” I wear whatever outfit, in whichever color that reflects my mood. There are no rules to fashion and the theme of your personal style can change on daily basis—and that’s okay because spontaneity is the key!