STYLE GURU BIO: Unique Miles

Hello Fashionistas!  My name may be Unique, but this word alone could not describe my personality and style all in one. I am currently a sophomore at Penn State University. Living on a diverse campus really takes creativity and self expression to a whole new level of unique individuality. Penn State is the melting pot of ethnic groups—just like another language, personal style is one thing that people use to stand out.

Fashion has no set style or trend. Each shoe, each bag, and each watch is a piece of art that you can mix and match. An entire look with a beat face, lush hair, and added accessories can set the tone for the day and shout “This is me.” I have great respect for people who like to have fun with their clothes to make a statement.

I personally have no set style because I like so many different head-to-toe looks. One secret I have lived by for years is saving my old clothes because apparel never truly dies; a new generation will bring it back to life. Having something old and something new will catch an eye no matter what size the crowd. With that being said, you don’t always have to spend loads of money on the name brand items when there is a store that is making the same product for half the price—fashion is smart like that.

Walking into 2017, I would have to say that my go-to look would be a skinny jean paired with a fur jacket and a dark lip color. This fur rug from Charlotte Russe, retail price $40, is a great piece for any occasion because you can make it causal yet chic, all while staying comfortable (you should never wear something if it doesn’t make you feel comfortable).  The Knee-High boots boost the comfortably while elongating my legs to make the look sexy. To finish the look I used the grey body suit to slender my stomach area because this coat makes me look slightly heavy top.

Hair and makeup adds a flawless touch to a get-up as well, ladies. These bangs are giving me life as I flaunt a soft, natural look with a killer highlight. These are a few of the many trends I will discuss as we make our way through the spring season.