Hello virtual fashion world! I am Tori Romano, an ambitious sophomore from Sacred Heart University who runs on coffee and dreams of fashion. Seriously, I have dreams of clothes I saw online and haven’t purchased yet. Some may call that anxiety, while I call it my next article of clothing. If I have dreams about it then it must be good enough to buy.

During my 19 years of living I have been enthused by fashion. I think my passion for fashion started when my aunt bought me gorgeous dresses every year for Christmas. I was only about two years old when she started the tradition, I’m pretty sure she thought I was a doll she could dress up. From then on I received a dress for the next 10 years, sadly I was too young to appreciate them.

As I grew older I started to keep up with the latest trends and found my one true love: handbags. You always remember your first love and mine was Coach. From their wallets and wristlets to mini bags and totes, I had it all. Soon my style progressed as I started to broaden my suburban New Jersey bubble. Having the accessibility to go in and out of New York City has played a major part in influencing my style. I like to say I have an edgy, bohemian ‘70s style, but that changes depending on where I’m going.

Some of my favorite pieces are the ones I got the best deals on. My go-to stores are Gypsy Warrior, Lord & Taylor and Century 21 Department Stores. I definitely have anxiety when it comes to spending lots of money, so I live for seasonal sales. Of course, I will splurge on specialty items such as my mini Michael Kors bag or Dolce Vita wedges. Finding chic affordable clothes is my ultimate fashion goal; there is always somewhere you can find the same look cheaper. Keep up with my articles all semester and I will show you where Fashionistas/Fashionistos on my campus get their stylish looks.