January 8th, 2016 at 2:10am

Hey there fellow Fashionistas/os! As I sit here typing away on this keyboard trying to gather my thoughts on what a perfect bio consists of, I guess I should start off with why I am super stoked for this amazing opportunity: 1. Writing helps me embrace my creativity. 2. Fashion and makeup has kept me motivated and feeling good.

With a combination of these two love affairs, I strongly believe that CollegeFashionista and I would have a relationship which could be “goal status.” Throughout my 18 years of living, I have fluctuated from wanting to become a teacher, doctor, makeup artist, etc. and finally found my guided path toward physical therapy or as Baymax says “Your personal healthcare companion.” I currently major in kinesiology at Fullerton College and will be going into my second semester as a freshman. Although I will go through many years of med school, I cannot contain my passion toward makeup and fashion. I guess you can say, while putting my nose in the books you’ll also find me in front of a mirror putting on my favorite eye makeup and rocking my ootd. My motto: “Always stay focused, and stay fierce.”

My style revolves around monochromatic palettes with a touch of Tori, which means accessories are my best friend. Fashion is based on individuality and personality, yes we have so many influences such as Instagram, celeb magazines and outer variables that inspire our decisions, I think true fashion is when you add something that represents who you are and what you like. Not necessarily what the trend may be.

I grew up in a small town in southern California with the ability to go to the beach and enjoy the relaxation of the ocean waves one day, and adventure off in the mountains the next. With the 70-90 degree weather year round, dresses and rompers have always been my go-tos. Not only can I layer them when it gets hot with some flannels/jackets, paired with knee socks and boots, but I can also style them with some sandals and trendy sunglasses.

My lip color changes on a day to day bases. One day I will be wearing my favorite red lipstick as a confidence booster to tie in my outfit, and the next day I will gravitate toward a more neutral shade. As far as the decision process when choosing a color, I am a very indecisive person who wishes they can wear every single color at once, but since I can’t the color choice is based on either my outfit or my mood of that day. You can never have too many colors to choose from.

That is all my fellow human beings. I cannot wait to feature all the individuality in your outfits!

Stay RAD!