STYLE GURU BIO: Tori Gibbons

January 24th, 2017 at 2:00am
STYLE GURU BIO: Tori Gibbons

Hey everyone, my name is Tori Gibbons I am currently a junior at Columbia College of Chicago with a major in public relations and a minor in business entrepreneurship. I love going to school in the city because I am constantly surrounded by different styles and it inspires me to broaden my horizons to try new styles. Even though I don’t major in fashion, I have always thought about finding a career in public relations that involves fashion. Maybe even changing the world of fashion by expanding the types of models who are seen wearing the latest trends. I also love the idea of inspiring others to dress and express themselves how ever they please.

I’ve always been in love with fashion and finding new trends constantly ever since I was a little girl with a passion of always checking out the newest Glamour magazine. I enjoy having an edgy and a classy style at times but also a laid back style.

I thought this outfit truly describes myself and my everyday outfit especially during the cold winters in Chicago. Infinity scarfs are my go to and the one in this article happens to be my favorite one, especially in the winter. It has a nice pattern that just adds a little extra to any outfit while keeping me warm. I am always wearing leggings with many outfits because who doesn’t love comfort? Plus with leggings you can dress up or dress down which I love! You can go from being a bum, to looking like your going out with friends no matter how you dress it up. Also tall black leather boots are my go to, they are classy and could be edgy depending on the style you are going for that day. My olive green jacket is one of my favorite jackets, paired with just a basic black T-shirt for those days you are going for a casual look in the fall or winter seasons. Majority of my outfit can be found at Target, such as the jacket, and the scarf. The boots I found at DSW during an amazing sale, and the boots are from Victoria’s Secret.

I hope you all love this look, and I look forward to sharing more styles and trends within the future with everyone!