STYLE GURU BIO: Tiffany Quach

Hello fellow Fashionistas! My name is Tiffany Quach. I am a freshman at the University of Florida majoring in health science on a pre-physician assistant track. You might wonder what brought me here to CollegeFashionista when my aspirations are to work in the medical field.

What made me fall in love with fashion is the emotional effect fashion has on people, similar to that of museum-goers when they see a beautiful painting, or music fanatics when they go to a concert—it enables a sense of relief and release. Fashion is not seen as art, but it’s a common form of art. It might seem silly, but I feel a sense of giddiness when trying new trends or expanding outside of my fashion comfort zone—fashion is truly a creative outlet that anyone can experiment with.

Defining my sense of style has always been a struggle for me. I can stick to the classic chic look, but I am also the one to try new trends in a heartbeat. Through the mess of trial and error to find my look, I mix and match trends but stick to a personal flair. My go-to style would be adding accessories. I don’t feel like myself without rings or a pair of marble earrings. Accessories can truly pull an outfit together by adding intricate details. People nowadays focus so much receiving attention or constantly rushing to put together an outfit, whereas details heighten the fact that it takes time and thought to really pull an outfit together. Deciding if the extra ring would be over the top or deciding between gold accessories or silver accessories, attention to details causes a person to slow down and put extra thought into a personal masterpiece.

My foundation of fashion is based on the saying “If it makes you feel good, you look good.” In my opinion, fashion shouldn’t be restricted based on skin tone, body type, or other superficial factors. Fashion is based on the feeling of the one who wears the clothes, not those who are looking. So get out there—buy those leather pants that make you feel like Sandra Dee from Grease. Splurge on that new purse you’ve been thinking about since your last paycheck rolled around. Do something that scares you because, really, what is life without a few risks?

‘Til next time—I’m excited to embark on this experience with you guys!