STYLE GURU BIO: Tiffany Kwong

Hello, fellow Fashionistas/os. This spring 2017 will be my sixth term as a Style Guru and my third term as an Editorial Intern with CollegeFashionista. This will also be my last term, as I will be graduating from my marketing for fashion and entertainment program.

I honestly believe that being an Editorial Intern and a Style Guru has taught me a lot of blogging tricks and tips. I actually use a lot of the things I have learned from my internship, and apply them to my personal blog. My personal style has also evolved during my time with CollegeFashionista. I still have a classic style, but now I have a nice chic quality to my outfits. The one thing that has not changed for me though, is my love of motorcycle jackets.

I have one traditional black motorcycle jacket. I call it the real deal because it is real leather, and has all of the detailing of a traditional motorcycle jacket. Of course, one of the biggest trends this season are colored motorcycle jackets, or patterned motorcycle jackets. Being a student, I don’t have the funds to buy all of the beautiful leather motorcycle jackets out on the market. Instead, I opted for a faux leather motorcycle jacket for this look. Faux leather offers you so many different options from colors, to patterns, to different leather finishings.

I’ve also learned how to be more confident in the clothes that I’m wearing. I realized that it’s all about finding an item with the perfect fit. If you have a larger chest like me, a V-neck neckline is perfect to make your chest appear smaller. A fitted V-neck dress is the perfect way to show off your body, while keeping things classy.

Even if you are wearing neutrals, every Fashionista/o needs a pop of colour. My pop of colour was my blue suede boots.

Lastly, I finished my outfit with jewelry. My latest favourite piece is my necklace. I think that a hexagonal gold necklace is modern and classic. I wore a gold and crystal ear cuff to accent the necklace and my ring.

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