STYLE GURU BIO: Tiffany Cruz

Welcome everyone! I am excited to be writing for CollegeFashionista for my third semester in a row. Ever since I first discovered CollegeFashionista, it has changed myself. I have become more interested in writing and doing blogging. I have also become more aware of my own sense of style. My fashion has evolved within the past year because of the amount of weight I have lost. I finally feel more in control of my body and my fashion. I have been able to create a new blog dedicated to showing beauty, fashion and lifestyle tips, tricks and advice. These three things I love and I am passionate about to share my knowledge with everyone else.

I am going into the second semester of my sophomore year. This is exciting because I am gearing into taking more courses for my major. Freshman year and last semester focused more on general education credit classes but now I have the opportunity to explore the different disciplines I enjoy. I am an anthropology major so I am going to be taking three different classes for it which I am extremely excited for. I cannot wait to learn more information about it, I am thrilled to have a strong and productive semester.

I have to admit winter isn’t my favorite season, I don’t enjoy the cold even though I am born in December. I love the fact we can layer our clothing to mix different patterns and styles but the cold is just too much for me to handle. I get cold really easily. At least during this time I get to bundle up in style.

I am currently wearing an army green coat which is the best coat ever I have to say. My blue high-waisted jeans which work great with any cropped sweater or shirt. They fit very snug but they also are stretchy so they conform to the movement in my body. As well my gray and black scarf, it is so huge and warm. It could also be fashioned as a poncho because of how oversized it is; It is a wool material with fringe on the bottom. As well the shirt I am wearing underneath all those layers is a green turtleneck long sleeved shirt. It is a very pretty forest green color which complements nicely with the lighter green color of my coat. It has very fitted sleeves but flares out towards the bottom. As well to top it off I have on one of my favorite pairs of shoes. They are platform sneakers. I love platforms because they are easier to walk it but instantly give you some height. They also match my scarf so we have some similar color patterns going on. They are the perfect shoes for all year.

I am ready to see the winter fashions and get inspiration from all the people around me. Have a great end of the year! Celebrate! Eat well! Let’s all get ready for the new year.