STYLE GURU BIO: Tiffany Cruz

September 4th, 2015 at 2:00am

Welcome Fashionistas! I am so thrilled to be back again as a Style Guru for the fall semester! I absolutely love the fall and everything about it, including the chilly temperature, the leaves changing colors, getting to wear oversized sweaters and all the fun holidays. Fall fashion is so exciting with every Fashionista gearing up for the colder weather.

I am starting my sophomore year of college and I am excited to be venturing off into this new school year. Continuing my studies is very exciting to me as I learn more about my major, Anthropology, as well as take more classes that detail with my minors in History and Writing. I am ready to gear up and ace this year.

As a Style Guru last semester I became more aware with how to dress myself and my body. I had become a pescatarian over the summer. That made a big impact of my life. I was more cautious of the foods I ate and I was able to transform myself even more. I decided to be a pescatarian for many reasons and I want to later give up eating fish and seafood all together. This was useful for me to do to help transition from my carnivore diet to something completely new to me. With this new perspective, I did plenty of shopping over the summer and got articles of clothing I never felt confident enough to wear before.

I was able to gain more self-confidence over the summer and feel comfortable with the person I am becoming. The outfit I am wearing is one of my favorites. The tunic shirt is simply black, white and gray. I had bought this in a larger size so that it could fit like a dress. Even though it is so simple, it has such a great pattern. I have began to love to wear dresses with different patterns, stripes and designs. I pair my dress with a simple pair of super comfy, black sneakers. I then add some of my own character by accessorizing with a billion bracelets (well not that many, but I do have a collection of them on my arm). Each one has such vibrant colors that make the outfit pop. I finally pair everything with my new bag for the school year. I always struggle with find a bag that has enough space but also won’t break my back or shoulders when I am carrying it. I bought this Steve Madden purse, that allows for the straps to be adjusted three different ways!

I am so ready for the fall and I cannot wait to share my articles with you every month. Good luck with your fall semester everyone and be sure to tune it to see the fall fashions of New York City!