STYLE GURU BIO: Tiffany Borrego

Hello, my fellow Fashionistas and Fashionistos! My name is Tiffany Borrego and this is my second semester as a Style Guru Intern for CollegeFashionista! I am so blessed to be back this semester to write about some of my favorite things- beauty and fashion.

I am currently a sophomore at the University of Central Florida and I am majoring in international relations. Even though my major is international relations, some of my passions are music, photography and beauty. I create YouTube videos for fun, showing people new makeup styles and music covers, I do freelance photography and I play thirteen instruments. Let’s just say, with all my hobbies and college, I don’t have a life. But I enjoy everything I do so it’s completely worth it!

I’ve always been drawn to fashion because I think it is such a beautiful form of self-expression and it causes me to spend a lot of money on clothes, accessories and shoes (sorry mom). I love watching runway fashion shows and reading magazines because anyone can gain inspiration from the styles presented and make it their own unique style.

Even though I love fashion, I always dress in neutral colors, especially black. I love black so much because it is so versatile and you can dress it up in any way you want. There’s a quote that says, “Yesterday I wore black. Today I am wearing black. Tomorrow I will wear black.” I live by that quote religiously. I always wear black, no matter what, but experimenting with style is the way to go when you’re a Fashionista.

December is my favorite month of the year because of the fashion and weather, so I wanted to showcase my love for the month with a red poncho sweater to bring in some holiday cheer, some warm and comfortable tights and lace-up moccasin boots. I am spending some time in Gatlinburg, Tennessee for the holidays so this attire was definitely perfect for the occasion.

I am so happy to be back a Style Guru for the semester and I can’t wait to see everyone’s unique style as the months go by! Always get inspired and keep inspiring the people around you. Remember, you’re unique and beautiful in your own way. Stay RAD!