STYLE GURU BIO: Theresa Evans

Hey there, you. Yeah, you: fellow Fashionista or Fashionisto, a new friend, maybe you’re a celebrity (I hope) or maybe you’re just someone who accidentally clicked on my bio. Whoever you are: I’m glad you’re you and I am so happy you found me. My name is Theresa Evans and I just finished my freshman year at Rider University. I am a communication studies and English major with a love of writing and fashion, hence the whole Style Guru thing. This is my first semester as a Style Guru and what better semester to start with than the one that lives in summer? You’re right, probably the fall semester because of the amazing fashion selections, but when I discovered CollegeFashionista I couldn’t wait any longer to join the #GuruGang.

I love fashion for many reasons. It brings me happiness and serenity, but my favorite reason is that fashion is a tool used to create art and your body is the canvas. Fashion is ever-changing. It is the things you buy and the trends that are current. Fashion is what you wear and style is how you wear it. Style is what lives within you and is the best way to show the world who you truly are.

It is important to remember that nothing can stop you from being the Fashionista/o that you are. Your body shape and size do not limit you. The people who disapprove of your fashion statements do not control what you wear. You are the only person who dictates your choices, so be creative and have fun! The hate will only motivate you to stay true to yourself. So continue to be you and stay #RAD.

My own style comes from an assortment or inspirations: celebrities, social media, friends, family, strangers, books, movies, shows and the list is never-ending. My style is undefined and limitless. Black is my forever color. I’ll love it until the day I die. I’m wearing one of my go-to JAWBREAKING T-shirts and a staple pair of Old Navy leggings.Throwing in pops of color is a talent I proudly possess, so I threw on a rusty-orange colored cardigan from Charlotte Russe. I also love to accessorize and work details into my look. This Forever 21 fedora really pulled this look together. I decided to wear my newest Alex and Ani bangle which was a gift that I share with my cousins from our aunt. My taste has changed drastically over the years and I can’t wait to see what inspiration I find this semester.

I am so excited to share my Fashionista/o findings and continue to talk fashion and style with you! Stay Tuned!