STYLE GURU BIO: Thea Macdonald

June 3rd, 2016 at 2:00am

I landed in New York City in August 2015 after four years of undergraduate in a seaside town in Scotland. The adventures I dreamed of in the big city have become a reality as I take on a master’s in Visual Culture: Costume Studies at New York University, exploring the history of fashion and textiles from the time of the first humans to the pages of the latest fashion magazines. Away from Washington Square you will find me attempting to cover every inch of New York: coffees, museums, window shopping, dream house hunting and trying to pin down that perfect rooftop view.

I love learning about clothing through history and across the world but, above all, I am most interested in the everyday choices we all make and how everyone has a signature style, whether they think they do or not. It amazes me that everybody wakes up in the morning and makes a different decision about what to wear and New York is the perfect playground for seeing every type of style. I could happily people watch all day and hope to know more about where the fashion-forward, the weird and the wonderful come from.

I like to keep my style classic with a little bit of an edge thrown in. I will never be far from Breton stripes, navy sweaters or loafers but love to mix it up with jewelery or something unexpected. I have a particularly strong love for knitwear and a patterned collar, inspired by 22 years of the never-ending Scottish winters. This year I look forward to my first East Coast summer and the endless possibilities and dilemmas of shorts, dresses and avoiding awkward tan lines. Above all else, you’ll probably find me in my most beloved Levi Brand Jeans denim jacket, a spontaneous, vintage find that serves me well in rain or shine.