After an unbelievable school year, returning to the Style Guru family this summer serves as a perfect way to jump into the next semester on an opportunistic note. My name is Tessa Vogel and I am a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin-Madison studying communication arts, digital studies and fashion industry essentials. I look forward to all of my social media and photography projects this summer (there are many in the works, so stay tuned!), as well as a chance to get back to my lake life roots and start wake-boarding again.

Growing up on the lake instilled me with a different mindset, an authentic mindset. I automatically transferred this sense of individuality over conformity into my fashion-enthused life. My first thought when making a purchase is usually concerning what makes the piece different. Then, I ask myself if I actually like it. Living authentically involves being different not just because different is trendy, but simply because it is sincerely who you are.

I find myself drawn to the retro vibes of the ‘70s lately. Round frames are a staple in my summer wardrobe. Among the many I have coveted, these mellow tinted sunglasses diverge in pigment. Finding this great primary striped sweater dress, yet another ‘70s inspired piece, actually acted as my retail therapy after stressful finals this last semester. Though the fabric is heavy, the length qualifies it for the warm summer weather. Additionally, I am a huge fan of color continuity, as shown here with the color red. This piece easily pairs with my badger red Converse All-Stars, and my crocodile-patterned purse.

I cannot wait to see what the summer sun brings. Follow me throughout this 2016 summer adventure to watch as I slash not only at the wake, but through some seriously RAD fashion investigations. Here is to summer bumming in style!