Hello fashion lovers! I’m Teanen, and I will be attending the University of Washington in the fall, majoring in biochemistry and minoring in entrepreneurship. Fashion, in one phrase, is a wonderful hobby of mine. I love dressing up but also love making casual look good. Let’s kick off the year with a good introduction!

I was born on the East Coast but have lived in the West Coast for as long as I can remember. Residing in the Pacific Northwest has definitely influenced the way I look at fashion. In the Seattle area it, as most expect, is wet and cold 95 percent of the time, and I love it. The other 5 percent of the year are those summer days where the temperature peaks in the 90s. Though it’s hard getting accustomed to the warmer weather, I love to break out my tank tops and shorts and enjoy the sunshine (for the one to two weeks it lasts).

With the variety of weather and being a working college student, I would describe my style as the 3 C’s—comfy, casual and cute—with a lot of variety. Cliché, I know, but it is so true! Since most of the year is on the colder side, I love dressing in soft sweaters and layering the heck out of my clothing. The weather in Seattle can be so bipolar, so having a variety of different pieces that you can layer and then shed off during the day if the sun breaks through is awesome.

In the photos above, I was dressed for a nice summer day. I love working with pastels in the spring and summer, so I wore a patterned, collared tank top from H&M that’s loose and airy (perfect for the warmer weather). My raw-end jeans are from Zara and are a nice pastel pink color to keep it light and fun. My strappy, brown sandals are from Urban Outfitters—a definite staple for the summer. Finally, to accessorize, I wore the Henry frames from Warby Parker.

I’m so excited to write for CollegeFashionista and even more pumped for you all to read my articles!