STYLE GURU BIO: Taylor Weiter

“I like my money right where I can see it…hanging in my closet.”

Because of my millennial status, I was unfortunate enough to miss Sex and the City at its prime. Nonetheless, I have spent many days watching the constant reruns played on E! Network. Though I have yet to see the entire series (I know, I know), I did get the chance to watch the sixth season premiere, “To Market, to Market,” where Carrie Bradshaw utters those ever-famous words. At that moment, I knew I was ready to be a Fashionista just like the trailblazing main character.

My name is Taylor Weiter and, unlike Carrie, I live in the less exciting, but still amazing, state of Kentucky. I am currently a sophomore majoring in Journalism at Eastern Kentucky University. According to nearly anyone that knows me, my everyday style is best described as a mixture between ’90s pop looks (think Liv Tyler or TLC) and ’70s bohemian trends. I’m often seen touting my naturally tousled hair, and I’m almost never without a long cardigan or five-panel hat.

I love to look great (don’t we all), but I absolutely despise getting ready—especially in the morning. During my busiest days, I can most often be seen wearing an outfit similar to the one above; the clothes are comfortable and easy to wear, yet clean and precise. I’m constantly finding ways to sleep in as much as possible without looking like I rolled out of my bed.

On this particular morning, I threw on a pair of Birkenstock lookalikes necessary for walking to classes across campus. Because classrooms are often near-freezing, I knew an open-stitch cardigan similar to this Ecote piece is almost a necessity. To transform my “just rolled out of bed” look into a seemingly thought-out outfit, I paired these Express shorts (that are nearly 50 percent off!) with a black open back blouse much like this Honeydew tank. After throwing my hair into a quick bun and grabbing my Quay sunglasses, I was off to class in less than 15 minutes.

I cannot wait to share more of my style with you in addition to introducing some of my favorite campus looks from other Fashionistas. This semester will be an exciting journey, and I’m so excited to take you along for the ride. À bientôt!