STYLE GURU BIO: Taylor Rogers

Hi, I’m Taylor. I’m from a small beach town in southern NJ but I currently attend school in the greater NYC area.

I am a fashion studies major with a minor in business at Montclair State University. When I first started school I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. Fashion has always been a interest of mine, but I was not completely confident in making it my life’s work. Luckily, through my courses and wonderful professors, I have found a focal point in the fashion industry that I have a passion for: sustainability. My love for the planet matches my love for fashion. I look forward to gaining more knowledge on how to be a sustainable consumer and sharing that information in my content on CollegeFashionista.

My personal style is heavily motivated by pop culture. Recently I saw the music video for “Caroline” by Amine and realized I’ve gone 20 years without owning a Pulp Fiction T-shirt? I bought one immediately and have been making it my own ever since. I especially love pairing it with my favorite mom jeans and black and white classic Vans. Another staple in my style is second hand clothing. Thrifting is always an adventure and the clothes tend to be less expensive, higher quality, and more unique (and more green!).

As a Style Guru, I am eager to share my ideas and inspirations pertaining to fashion and become a stronger writer and photographer in the process. Cheers to the new semester.