Hello my fellow Fashionistas! My name is Taylor Knox and this is my third semester with CollegeFashionista. I will also be entering into my last year of college this fall *crying emoji* at the University of Minnesota. I am pursuing a degree in communications and fashion studies, and hope to work in a visual content position such as a creative director or stylist after graduation.

I have always loved fashion, even when I was young and did not realize that what I loved was fashion. I was obsessed with those Old Navy graphic tees and whatever Mary-Kate and Ashley were wearing! Now I eat, sleep and breathe fashion. I am always taking screenshots of bloggers’ Instagram posts, watching YouTube videos and flipping through magazines.

The only way I can think to describe my style is to say that I am a girly tomboy who leans towards classic pieces. I love a nice, feminine dress, but I will always love a roughed up pair of sneakers, too. Combos such as a light, soft-knit sweater with a pair of leather shorts, or a graphic T-shirt tucked into a denim skirt are often my go-to to pair these two styles together. I tend to wear neutral tones—basically meaning I wear a lot of black.

Here I went for exactly that: a tomboy’s version of dressing up. The turtleneck sweater and skirt combo add a little more of a dressy feel to the casualness of the stripes and denim. Of course, no tomboy would be caught dead in anything but a pair of well-worn Converse Chuck Taylors!