Around this time four years ago, I was avidly Googling phrases like “college women’s style,” or “cool college girl’s websites.” As an incoming freshman, I wanted to redefine who I am on campus. Revamping my wardrobe and identifying just how to mature my feminine identity was crucial to the success of my desired “cool college girl” brand.

No matter how many times I Googled the words “cool,” “college” or “style,” there was only one website that consistently popped up in the browser: CollegeFashionista.

I remember reading the articles the then Style Gurus were posting so I could get a better sense of GW’s campus. Actually, CollegeFashionista played a large role in why I chose to attend GW. Now, as a senior looking at the younger classes I understand that through my time with CollegeFashionista, I’ve not only grown personally and professionally, but I’ve also left an impact on girls looking for legitimacy and freedom to express themselves through the combined arts of blogging and fashion.

For those of you just now joining me, my name is Taylor. I’m an organizational sciences major, communication minor, and all around unapologetic diva. For those who have followed me for the past two semesters, I’m glad you’ve stuck around.

This fall, I’ve decided to take things up a notch. My busy calendar allows for hardly any downtime, forcing me to put even more thought into my clothing choices day-to-day. For a girl on the go like me, day-to-night transitional outfits are a must! And who knows more about always being busy and always having to look put together than celebrities? Olivia Culpo and Kim Kardashian are my two favorites at the moment. Both are unafraid of intermixing femininity with sex appeal to create looks that command attention and are unapologetic in doing so. Sound familiar?

On my last first day of classes, I wanted my look to have an essence of femininity with a touch of sex appeal. Sticking with soft colors, this crisp white H&M jean with accents of Pantone’s ever-popular rose quartz tank and sandal let me toy with the concepts I strived to achieve. Here’s a fun fact: I hate the choker trend. However, I decided to throw one in to test it out. Overall I think it worked with the outfit, but not my personality.

The official kick-off to senior year has come and gone, and so starts the beginning of the end.

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