STYLE GURU BIO: Taylor Brown

I’m Taylor Brown. I’m a city girl, originally from the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. I’ve always thrived off of living in high energy places with tons of people and plenty of things to do. Almost four years ago, I made a lifestyle change by moving to a slower paced environment in Central Michigan. Living in a small town with no malls in sight has been a difficult task to say the least, but at least my online shopping skills have improved tremendously! Here I began to pursue my undergrad and have been lucky enough to find my passion in public relations and event management. With some time and experience, I’ve expanded my interests to lifestyle and fashion PR and plan to make a career out of it someday.

I can’t pinpoint a specific time when I began to love fashion and beauty, but I do have memories of building that foundation. When I was a child, my family would dress me up in darling outfits, and I would pose for pictures like it was my job. As I grew older I would strut in my mother’s heels as America’s Next Top Model played in the background. Throughout my childhood, being a model was my fantasy. Time has gone on and reality has set in, but working within the fashion industry has continued to be a goal of mine. There’s just something about that fast-paced, high energy, absolutely fabulous lifestyle that I can’t let go of.

Honestly, I would describe my style as all over the place. It can range from comfy-boho to classic-chic depending on the time and place. I’ve decided to showcase this outfit because it embodies my every-day look for class. The black cold-shoulder top is a simple go-to piece for me. I love to pair this top with my black, leather, over the knee boot which also has a gold detail zipper! To make this outfit more casual, I added my monogrammed puffer vest (however, any puffer vest would get the job done.) Last but not least, I chose a bold red lipstick to complete this sassy look.

This look represents me because I can wear it around campus or easily remove the vest, add a clutch, and be ready to go downtown with some girlfriends!