STYLE GURU BIO: Taylor Abrahams

STYLE GURU BIO: Taylor Abrahams

My name is Taylor Abrahams (pronounced without the H) and I am a freshman at the University of Missouri. I plan on majoring in journalism with a minor in history, and my goals are to work in public relations in my future.

I am from a small but busy suburb outside of Chicago, and while I wasn’t always in the city, I feel like it has had a lasting influence on me. A normal day for me consists of rocking out to music on my record player, spending time with my friends and working on the novel I’ve been writing since summer. As for my style, I like to mix and match between a classic bohemian look and a more sophisticated, polished look. Sometimes it feels like my style is all over the place, but I think my ability to incorporate different trends to an outfit makes my style less hectic and more fluid.

In this outfit, I wore black skinny jeans, my favorite David Bowie shirt and gold sandals. The cropped jean jacket works well with the longer length of the shirt and adds volume to the look while the fringed purse brings a bohemian vibe. I added a shimmering gold necklace to match the sandals as well as my favorite black tattoo choker. With a new school year coming up, I figured it was time to add some new twists and changes to my style, and I realized that adding something as simple as a choker can kick an outfit up a notch. Chokers bring on a sense of edginess and can make any outfit become bolder. Plus, who doesn’t love the ’90s?

Becoming a Style Guru has been a dream and is such an honor, and I can’t wait to share more tips and trends with everyone! Stay RAD!