STYLE GURU BIO: Taryn Rostovsky

Hey there Fashionistas/os! My name is Taryn Rostovsky and this is my second semester as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista. I am a sophomore at Boston University majoring in graphic design and double minoring in dance and computer science. I moved to Boston a year and a half ago to begin my academic career and made the best decision of my life. The lively architecture and welcoming student body made it obvious that Boston would be a great home for me during my four years in college.

Since I grew up in Los Angeles, California, the unfamiliar icy weather definitely has its perks and its drawbacks. Long coats, comfy sweaters, big scarves, and tall boots are the best look, but never having to check the weather and knowing that it’s always warm out is also extremely comforting. Though, after being in LA for a while during this winter break session, I am immensely excited to get on my six hour flight and head back to the four seasons that Boston embraces.

Being that there are over 100 colleges and universities in the Boston area with hundreds of thousands of students, there is a vast variety of fashion that struts the streets. There are tons of trendy students: those who wear the casual look, those who love to be exotic and vibrant, the preppy college look, the bohemian “boho” trend, the artsy hipster style and you can’t forget the sporty athletic look! My favorite is the classic—black.

I must admit that I have a problem. At least 90 percent of my clothing is black. Black is the most flattering color. It makes everyone look mature, it works for every season, it can be layered infinitely, it matches everything, and it never goes out of style. Of course, I am all about accessorizing. Black makes it easy to splash color with accessories. Whether it is a red shoe, a long gold necklace, a pink crossbody bag, or a flannel around the waist, black allows for countless amounts of outfits. Black is unquestionably the new black.

As an art major, you will always find a sketchbook in my purse and a pen in my hand. I love designing different outfits and experiencing color contrast. The best feeling in the world is realizing that the two colors you never thought would look good together makes for one great outfit!

I am so excited to be sharing more experiences with you all as a Style Guru! Make sure to follow my page for new articles every month!