STYLE GURU BIO: Talayeh Motameni

September 4th, 2015 at 2:10am

My name is Talayeh Motameni and I study Strategic Communications at the University of Minnesota. I am excited to be starting my internship with CollegeFashionista this semester. Throughout my college career, I have had the pleasure to complete multiple internships in different areas of strategic communications. However, I have never been able to do so with fashion. I am excited to combine my professional goals with my interest/hobby this semester.

Throughout the past few years I have developed a taste for fashion. I think it all started when I spent my first year of university abroad in Europe. Being only 45 minutes away from the fashion capital of the world, Milan, I had been exposed to runway trends. Being in a small private high school in Minneapolis, we were stuck to wearing the same uniform every day. So exploring many fashion trends had not been easy for me.

I was mesmerized by the fashion culture and different brands in Italy. As I came back to the states to finish university, I missed that sense of fashion that was engulfed in European culture.

I have developed a style that is very particular. You can tie a whole outfit together with one key statement piece. You can be comfortable, while being elegant and chic. Being a college student, I find that very important as we are always studying and rushing from class to class. Being comfortable, while still attaining your style, is a balance that is noticed throughout college campuses.

A few things about me; I am a travel addict. I have an urge to travel, like all the time. Some of my favorite brands include ASOS, Topshop and of course Zara. My favorite fashion runway brands include Dolce&Gabbana and Fendi. I feel their trends are very inspirational and unique compared to others.

Here I am wearing a sleek leather jacket from Zara, a green romper and white wedges. For accessories, I love gold, but I also love diamonds. Here is a unique bracelet, and statement ring.

I am thrilled to start this internship and can’t wait to give you my take on major trends, my style, and more. Check back to read my articles, I hope you enjoy them!