STYLE GURU BIO: Taisha Stewart

STYLE GURU BIO: Taisha Stewart

Hi Fashionistas/os! I am super excited to be writing for CollegeFashionista again this semester. I was a Style Guru for the first time this past summer, eagerly taking pictures of my friends throughout the summer.

My personal style includes a wide range of looks. I don’t really have a defined style, as I like to mix things up all the time. I like to dress according to the way I am feeling that day, rather than trying to stick to a certain kind of style category. My main focus whenever I get dressed is to have at least one piece of article stand out and make my entire outfit look different than the normal. Not everyone can wear certain pieces but my personal goal is to make things work with my style, whether it is unusual or very popular amongst our generation.

In this outfit, I put together a black overall denim dress, a green melange sweater crop top, a white windbreaker tied around my waist and metallic oil-spill creepers. I ultimately was going for a grunge look with some delicate jewelry pieces to bring in the femininity.

This semester I plan on capturing Fashionistas/os with a very open mind to different types of fashion but everyone having one thing in common. That one thing will be the ability to stand out amongst the crowd of other fashionable college students. The good thing about that is very unique students surround me at my school, Philadelphia University and in the city of Philadelphia in general.

I hope you all enjoy my articles this semester as I scope out very unique and bold Fashionistas/os. I hope to find individuals who are not afraid to stand out. This should be exciting as we transition into the most favorable season, fall!