STYLE GURU BIO: Sylest Roddy

STYLE GURU BIO: Sylest Roddy

Hello, fall! It’s glorious to see you once again. Oh, sorry Fashionistas and Fashionistos, I didn’t see you there past my excitement for this season and for another RAD semester with CollegeFashionsta! My name is Sylest Roddy and I am a sophomore at Kent State University studying fashion merchandising and fashion media. When I’m not working or in class, you can find me painting my nails or eating giant burritos.

With summer quickly coming to a close, say goodbye to bikini bods and high-waisted cut-offs and give a warm welcome to sweaters, boots and pumpkin spice everything. Fall is by far the greatest season for fashion. The transition time from summer to fall, fall itself and fall to winter, gifts us the opportunity to experiment with fashion. We can wear anything and everything without sweating our contour off (seriously, can this sweat play off as highlighter or am I trying too hard to be innovative?).

With classes starting, seeing old friends and meeting new ones, a transitional look is crucial. My outfit is perfect for the new semester and the busy days and nights that lie ahead. I started out with a white graphic T-shirt layered with a dope black blazer. Layering is essential in the fall because of the temperature changes throughout the day. I absolutely love these gray jeans. They complete this look and add the perfect amount of edge. These red and black plaid loafers are cute and comfortable enough to walk all over campus. You know what isn’t cute? Limping to class. I completed this look with sparkly accessories, a messy bun and red lips. Press snooze too many times? LIFE HACK: put your hair in a low messy bun and curl all the pieces that fall out. This style is super cute, super quick and commonly used by yours truly.

I am super excited to continue my internship with CollegeFashionista and my fellow Style Gurus. Keep a look out for my upcoming articles and check out what more CollegeFashionista has to offer. You won’t be disappointed!