STYLE GURU BIO: Sydney Velez

Hello Fashionista/os! It is time for me to write my first STYLE GURU BIO! This is my very first semester as a Style Guru at Illinois State University. I’m a double major in English Studies and Public Relations. My dream job is to one day work PR for a fashion house or be a big time stylist!

I love everything having to do with fashion, movies, books and music—basically anything that is a form of expression. I love my money right where I can see it: in my closet, which means I am forever spending money on clothes, shoes and beauty products.

Though I was always a creative kid growing up, I never knew what to do with clothes. I remember when I was younger my mom picked out all my clothes. Generally, she put me in overalls and argyle. There is photo documentation of this crime everywhere at my mother’s house. I didn’t start to see the beauty of expressing myself through clothes until I was in high school. I went through many different, not always flattering, phases trying to figure out what I like.

My style is constantly evolving. I am always finding new trends and looks that I love to emulate. Most days though, you’ll find me wearing classic pieces with lots of color. I love patterned pencil skirts, button-downs, textured blazers and trousers with details that make them interesting. This is partially because I am in a professional setting most of the time, so business wear is key; I love to find ways to make professional clothing fun. During the times that I am not wearing business type clothes, I like to mix up my style. I can be found in anything from girly and cute to rocker-chic. In this outfit, I decided to go for a more summery, girly look with bright warm colors but kept it interesting with the knotted neckline.

I hope to grow into my title of Style Guru this semester. I want to see all sorts of styles, learn from them and grow as a Fashionista.