STYLE GURU BIO: Sydney Sweeney

September 4th, 2015 at 2:10am

I’ve introduced myself to quite a few people over the past two or three days. It’s the first week of school, so unsurprisingly, I’ve also given out my phone number to numerous classmates, many of whom have told me we should “get together” to study for exams. After this verbal exchange, we usually exchange contact information and by doing this, I’m signing up for a weekly subscription of text messages that usually read, “what did we do in large lecture yesterday?” or, “hey, can you send me photos of the notes you took on Wednesday?” But even after this realization, I still willingly surrender my phone number, because even the most brilliant and prepared people (like myself), occasionally set their alarm to 9:00 p.m. instead of a.m.. And in those hours of distress and frustration, I won’t be receiving those messages. I, Sydney Sweeney, will be sending them. Oops.

I’m officially a second year Journalism and Public Relations major at San Diego State University and “befriending” classmates is one of the many things I adjusted to during my time as a freshman. I also managed to cope with the unpleasant sounds of construction, brutal morning humidity and too many sorority girls on my Instagram feed wearing the exact same things. Nevertheless, I found solace in a lively city, wonderful meal plan and chai tea. These are the things that keep me coming back for more and I’m stoked to showcase some of SDSU’s best dressed students for the second time around.

As for my personal style—I’m all over the place. Regardless, I’d like to think my ensembles are typically edgy, eclectic and memorable. The color black always makes an appearance, denim anything is a must and leather shoes are my versatile go-tos. Like any girl, I love shopping at the mall (which is precisely where I purchased my graphic T-shirt shown above), but I’ve found that the best pieces are usually found in the nooks and crannies of thrift stores (which is where I bought my miniskirt and denim vest).

So, while the beginning of the school year is still unfolding, be sure to check back for my monthly posts here on CollegeFashionista, and if once a month isn’t enough to satisfy all of your guys’ inner Fashionista/o’s, then be sure to follow CollegeFashionista on your preferred social media platform. And, follow me on my favorite platform, Instagram, where I post daily content under the username @sydematic. Until then…