Hello there! My name is Sydney Hoi, and this is my first semester as a Style Guru here at CollegeFashionista! I am currently a second year student at Northeastern University studying International Business with a double minor in Chinese and Sociology. I hail from the big ‘ol state of Texas; however, spent my teenage years in Hong Kong! I am an avid gym goer (partaking in anything from weights to yoga), indie music is my mantra and shopping is my weakness.

Fashion has always been apart of my life. Growing up with a fashion designer as a mother opened me up to the world of fashion. Ever since I could remember, I was always changing around outfits and spending countless hours in front of the mirror making sure my outfit was the best that it could be. As I grew older and my family moved to Hong Kong, I began to adopt a more international sense of style mixing and matching trends from America, Asia and everything in-between. I love seeing how different trends transcend within each type of culture and believe that one’s style says a lot about their heritage and most of all their personality. The thing I appreciate most about fashion is that it can never grow old. We’ve seen high-waisted shorts and round circle glasses go “out of fashion”, only to be revived and in style yet again. Fashion has never and will never grow out of our culture.

My style normally consists of darker tones all year round with simple outfits that contain either an edgy or classy feel. I love utilizing simple clothing that can be used for 20 different outfits.

Since I am still in Hong Kong and it is scorching hot outside, the outfit you see above is suited for summer rather than fall. I’m wearing a simple halter cropped tank top paired with a more detailed and eye catching window pane skirt from Topshop (currently out of stock, however you can recreate this outfit with a different pattern) topped with black matte Valentino flats (cheaper alternative here). Because the outfit is pretty simple I added an orange purse, in order to make it pop for summer. Adding a statement piece that is either bright in color or eye catching in its pattern is a great way to make a simple outfit more memorable and high fashion. Overall, this outfit is a perfect example of my day-to-day attire!

Stay tuned once a month for more Sydney-styled fashion! I hope that I can inspire all of you and bring out the true Fashionista/os inside you.

Stay rad; stay fab!