STYLE GURU BIO: Sydney Ferrara

STYLE GURU BIO: Sydney Ferrara

Hello fellow Fashionistas/os, I’m Sydney Ferrara. For starters, I love a good latte, trying new food and I have a well-known addiction to online shopping (don’t we all?!). I’m currently a media studies and production student at Temple University in Philadelphia. This is my first semester as a sophomore and Style Guru for CollegeFashionista. I cannot wait to start capturing the incredible styles of those among the campus!

I originally hail from Louisville, Kentucky, an artsy city with great food and great people (of course I think that). However, since I’ve moved to Philadelphia for school, I’ve definitely been more adventurous in trying new places and stepping out of my comfort zone. After my first year of college, I definitely feel I have a better sense of who I am and how I want to pursue my life.

Ever since I was a young girl, I had a love for fashion and photography. I can recall countless times when I would be piecing an outfit together in my room (like a tutu with patent, leather shoes) while snapping pictures of what I found to be beautiful. There was always an encouragement to showcase my creativity in my family, which made that love progress. As I evolved, so did my perspective on fashion and photography. I realized that I needed to find the best outlet within these two industries so I could continue to pursue my passion. Living in a city with so much inspiration gives me the daily opportunity to continue creating new content.

Being a full time college student, I am always on the go which means when I put together a look, I strive for it to be comfy as well as chic. As my style has progressed, I’ve become more open to trying new trends, textures and styles, like the off-the-shoulder top that is shown above. Within my wardrobe, I tend to stick with the neutrals, typically pairing outfits with the color scheme of black, white, tan or grey. My overall style is very simplistic. That is what inspired the outfit for my Bio. This is a staple look for me when I need to appear put together and stylish. The block heels give me the extra height, while still giving me the comfort I need (comfy heels, aren’t they the best?).

Typically, I keep it very minimal with the accessories. I love delicate, silver jewelry and watches. They add the perfect touch to any outfit! Also, a staple in my wardrobe would have to be my black, ripped jeans. They add an edgier vibe, which I love. Add all these components together and boom, a great look any Fashionista can rock!

I’m so excited to write more articles and move forward being a RAD Style Guru! Never forget to be the best version of yourself and try new things.