STYLE GURU BIO: Sydney Brooks

Hello Fashionistas/os! This is my second semester as a CollegeFashionista Style Guru. In addition to writing for CollegeFashionista, I have my own blog, Sydney Marie, and I also make videos on YouTube. Making creative content is something that brings me a lot of joy, plus it’s an excuse to spend more time on the internet (my one true love). In addition to spending time getting lost in cyberspace, I enjoy running (usually), napping (always) and DIY projects (which can be a hit or a miss). While unfortunately we haven’t worked out how to share food through the computer just yet, it’s worth noting that good food is always the way to my heart.

It wouldn’t do to just wax poetic about eating though, however much I would like it. Fashion and the bits and bobs that go along with it is the reason we’re here, so I would be remiss if I didn’t touch on it.

My style philosophy is simple: wear what feels best.

There’s no need to torture yourself with clothes you don’t feel good in. Trends are something, in my opinion, to look to for inspiration. Shackling yourself to someone else’s fashion code of conduct only results in a look that lacks authenticity. Big or small, short or tall or any other differences aside, if you’re feeling yourself when wearing a certain item, then it’s a winner.

The way we dress has meaning, whether that meaning is, “I’m about to strut down the runway,” or, “I’m cuddly and cozy as can be on a lazy Sunday.” While I’m sometimes partial to a glam dress and heels in order to look perfectly poised, other times I would much rather wrap myself up in a soft sweater as a little act of self-love. Other times, as you can see, both collide creating a nice medley of the two.

Still, my fashion inspiration isn’t always instant or internal. Luckily, as a Style Guru, it’s my job and my privilege to get to take photos and gush over not only the style of individuals I adore, but also engage in a conversation with them about what message they’re sending, why they choose to dress the way they did and if you or I am so inclined, how we can get their look. I’m always actively looking for new style ideas for myself and to share with you.

In short, throw on the top you’ve been dying to wear and that killer pair of shoes. I’ve got a camera at the ready and I’m eager to get going. Here’s to another RAD semester.