STYLE GURU BIO: Sydne Kilberg

Greetings! Sydne Kilberg here, embarking on what will be the end of my junior year at Florida State University. After toying with exercise science and business, I have fully accepted the fact that I am not a math person. Therefore I am now exploring and expanding my more creative right hemisphere; majoring in Editing, Writing, and Media and minoring in both Psychology and Entrepreneurship.

Mi familia always knew I was an eclectic rugrat since I insisted wearing a leotard, tutu, tiara and cowgirl boots to go riding on the horse farm in BFE Apopka where I grew up. Confused by the lack of diversity of style in the small town, a move to Tampa in the middle of elementary school fueled the Fashionista within. It was essentially my “big break,” I could get away with way more in a big-city environment.

A Fashionista is one who is unafraid to break the rules and mix up the conventional when it comes to style. Clothes are our means of distinction, an armor to illustrate our inner-selves without opening our mouths. That being said, I refuse to trust someone who owns a monotonous closet full of a select few brands.

I’ve been pretty-in-pink, tomboy, goth, Abercrombie/Hollister-purist and much more, to what all culminated into my now edgy-boho rock ‘n’ roll with a hint of femininity get-ups. Not to sound like Kanye but neutrals are king right now. I really dig all things black, it just makes anyone look confidant and mysterious. A fitted black halter top as pictured can be found at your local PacSun for under $20, (they are currently out of the one being worn, but this top from MISSGUIDED should work just fine)! This contrasted with a pleated white maxi skirt I very luckily found at Urban Outfitters for one third of the original price (now one seventh of the original price?!?!) accentuates the body so nicely, balancing out a tight top and flowy bottom-half that elongates all. We can’t all afford Jeffrey Campbells so let’s all give a big thanks to Target for providing us with the witchy black boots that perfect the fall ‘fit. Throw on a black leather jacket like the one pictured from Express to have everyone wishing they could be your James Dean.

I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to intern for CollegeFashionista, allowing me to share with you inspiring fashion statements that make me turn my head, and will hopefully influence the both of us to continuously spice things up. Every sidewalk is a runway, be bizarre, be bold, be #RAD.