Hi my name is Suzie! I’m a 25-year-old fashion and tattoo-loving nursing student. I moved four years ago to South Carolina from Southern California with my boyfriend, and let me tell you there was a shock in seasons! I have really enjoyed living in a state where you can actually dress for the seasons, whereas California has summer time pretty much year round!

I currently work at francesca’s Collections, and I really enjoy working in an environment where I can play around with fashion and also help other women take risks with fashion as well. I wouldn’t say I have a set style, but having since moved to the south I would say that I have taken a lot more chances with my style. I enjoy mixing hints of a bohemian vibe with girly aspects like a midi skirt. I tend to lean towards a grungier and laid back look on relaxing days, but I love finding new ways to incorporate new trends into my everyday style.

I have not always been very confident with my body type, but as I’ve grown older I have come to learn that we are all beautiful, no matter what shape or size we are. With my new found comfort with my body type, I have worn things and taken chances that I would not normally have taken a few years back.

I am really excited to see the looks that other young women around the world come up with, and also show my unique sense of style as well. Thanks for reading y’all!