STYLE GURU BIO: Suzanne Belk

Hello my fellow Fashionistas/os! My name is Suzanne Belk and I’m a senior Magazine Journalism major at the University of Georgia.

If I’m being honest, I didn’t start getting into fashion until my senior year of high school / freshman year of college. Growing up I was always a tomboy, and by tomboy I mean tie-dye shirts and cargo pants tomboy. Once I got to high school I started wanting to dress better, but it was hard to find my style when our dress code wouldn’t let us show our shoulders and all short and dress lengths had to be to our knees. When I came to college, I was finally able to wear whatever I want and that’s when I became fashion obsessed.

My obsession started with online shopping, Shopbop, Revolve Clothing, Planet Blue and pretty much any other shopping site you can name. It took a lot of clothes and outfits to figure out my style, but I’d describe it as a mix between bohemian and rock. I’m also very casual, it’s rare you’ll find me in a dress and heels.

For me fashion is more than just what you wear everyday, it’s how you feel. Originally from Charlotte, it was a weird transition going to such a big out-of-state school. In the beginning I was shy, which is never a word that had been used to describe me before. I found that my love for clothes and style brought me out of my shell, and made me feel much more comfortable around so many strange faces. Wearing clothes that not only I felt more confident in, but showed other people who I was, helped me open up and before I knew it I felt like Athens was my new home. For those of you who have never been to Athens it’s amazing. I know everyone says that about their own college town but it’s rare you find a place where the music and culture are so vibrant. You can wear and be anyone you want here.

Hope you enjoyed and I can’t wait to spend the semester obsessing over fashion with my fellow Fashionistas/os!