STYLE GURU BIO: Sumaiyah Ali

It’s morning and there are little rays of sunshine peering through the window onto the plush bed lined with white linens. Just outside the window is an aqua blue ocean, with tan vacationers walking right where the golden sand meets the cool water.  There’s no better way I’d like to experience the sweet sight of summer. Of course, I’m looking at all this through the explore tag on Instagram, as I sit in my summer chemistry class.

My name is Sumaiyah Ali and this is my second semester writing for CollegeFashionista, and I’m more than ecstatic to be back! I can’t wait to bring you all the unique style and personality that D.C. has to offer this summer. I am a sophomore biology student with a strong passion for all things fashion and style. Although my heart has been left in the streets of New York City and on some airplane on it’s way to the beaches of Miami, I am spending my summer in the classroom. For now, I’ll just have to live vicariously through other Style Gurus traveling abroad (cue the sigh as I bury my head in my textbook).

Coming from a Caribbean background, my life has always been full of color. Growing up, I remember that my mother’s favorite color was bright yellow. She was never afraid to wear printed skirts, mismatched colors and taught me to never be afraid to make a loud statement with my clothing. This translates to my personal style, as my wardrobe is filled with prints and colors that are reflective of both who I am today, and where I come from.

When deciding my outfit of the day, I usually visit my favorite Instagram pages, stroll through the Style Guru style hashtag or stem inspiration from places that I would much rather be at the moment.  In this outfit, I wanted to keep with a green palette; colors that are representative of my Guyanese background. I chose a maxi, tribal print kimono that is perfect for staying cool in the summer heat.  My high-waisted green trousers, which are actually a vintage piece from the ’80s, are my go-to for feeling comfortable and looking put together (even if you’re actually not).  A very popular trend right now is the chunky heel, which is seen on pretty much every foot of famous fashion bloggers. Topped off with my favorite camel tote bag and brown ColourPop lipstick, I’m ready to take on the day.