Hi there, Fashionistas/os!

It sure doesn’t feel like the usual, blistering cold winter here in Cleveland thanks to the irregular climate changes around the globe; but, nonetheless, it is another season of fashion!

It was a hot summer when I first started my internship with CollegeFashionista in 2015. The skin-revealing season saw many Fashionistas/os at their lightest style, both in weight and color. Then, fall came along with the start of another school year. The chilled air gave people reasons to layer up or show off their sportiness even more than summer by carrying over the identical lightness.

While it was fun to seek out the fashionable people in Cleveland the past six or seven months, I’ve been waiting for this semester all along. All of my friends, without exception, hate winter. They complain about the snow impeding their driving to school and the shortened daylight “bringing them down.”

However, in my opinion, winter is the best season for fashion. In summer, I stressed the significance of simplicity almost to the point where I would often overlook individual voices in outfits. During winter, thankfully, more garments of clothing give people an opportunity to show off their true colors. Each piece of fabric a person puts on to cover her body and to go in harmony with the rest of the outfit explicitly reflects on that person’s personality.

For me, I don’t really like to shop by whole outfits. Even with suits, unless the color, texture, pattern, measurements and quality of fabric all fall perfectly in my preference, I rarely go for the top and bottom combination deal. Pieces of my outfit featured in this article ship from both America and Korea. The overcoat, between the length of long and peacoats, is my go-to item to add a bit of class over anything I wear. I bought the wool pants from Banana Republic only last week with a gift card I got as my Christmas present. To go for the unified texture, I threw on my favorite wool sweater from Korea. The red ring around the neck adds a punch of color that the rest of the outfit lacks. The denim shirt underneath everything delivers a hint of different color and lighter texture that could come through the hefty wool-like texture of the other pieces.

It is an honor to come back for the third consecutive semester to CollegeFashionista. My last undergraduate semester will only be more meaningful because of this “job.” I’ve always enjoyed too much of what I do here, and I hope to present to you the most fashionable style on the most interesting people here at Cleveland State University every month!