Hi everyone! Thanks for tuning into my Style Guru page!

I’m a Queens based gal with SoHo-inspired style! This past year I attended SUNY Purchase, and while there I gained so much experience from working at Aritzia, my all-time favorite clothing store. After that, I began finding myself so intrigued by the fashion world and how trends rise up in present day.

Having been in the fashion and modeling industry since I was in the fourth grade, I’ve also been blessed with getting great amounts of experience in the industry and how companies choose to express their sense of style. If I had to choose a few designers that I felt represented my style most accurately, it would definitely have to be rag & bone, Yves Saint Laurent, VINCE and a few others that give off the simplistic-chic feel. I hope that my page and my articles will give you that essence of simplistic-chic styles that I incorporate into how I dress every day.

And as the industry involves, I promise to keep up with what’s hot and keep you guys in the loop with me! I’m determined to capture the most fabulous Fashionistas/os in the city and show you how amazing style can be in New York City.

Looking to re-create this look? All you need is a super chic pair of culottes, any kind of crop top that you think works best with the pant, and a cute pair of sandals to pull it all together. If you wanna go that extra mile and bring out your accessories, it’s always super cute and easy to add on a statement bag and some type of jewelry!

Keep your eyes opened for my Instagram, too! I’ll be posting all of my announcements for new blog posts and photos there. I hope you guys enjoy the inspiration I give you with each post and street style shoot, and I hope I give you great options for the styles you’ve been searching for.