September 4th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hello CollegeFashionista community! My name is Stacy Ki (pronounced as key), and I am a rising sophomore at Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts. I am currently majoring in Business Administration with an Accounting concentration. My future goal is to work at a fashion corporate office. Therefore, I thought joining the CollegeFashionista community would provide me with a copious knowledge of fashion.

Since last fall, I’ve been traveling between California (my hometown) and Massachusetts constantly. Not only the weather, but also the fashion trends are immensely different between the two states. I thought by joining CollegeFashionista, I would be able to share with everyone all the different styles that I spot between the two coasts.

To be honest, I was never into fashion until junior year of high school. Someone who really impacted my view on fashion was my best friend. Not only did she introduced me to fashion, but she also inspired my love for makeup. After being exposed to the fashion world, I became more attentive to fashion week. One designer fashion label that held me mesmerized was Dolce&Gabbana. I fell in love with the latin-american inspired theme, classic winged-eyeliner look and of course the outfits. While typing this all out, I am quite shocked at how much I love fashion. If you guys ever saw pictures of me during my middle school days you would never guess that the girl in the picture was interested in the fashion industry.

When I go back to Boston in September, I likely won’t be seeing my high-waisted shorts, floral rompers and dresses and sandals in my drawers till April or May. So while I am here in sunny, blazing hot California, I will be wearing my favorite romper multiple times. Here, I am wearing my floral romper from Urban Outfitters, a bralette from Brandy Melville and sunglasses from Tommy Hilfiger. Along with a  necklace from Swarvoski, sandals from Steve Madden and a purse from kate spade. Rompers are my go-to outfit because it’s easy to style and they make you look put together with some accessories and cute shoes.

I am beyond excited for my fall internship at CollegeFashionista. Best of luck to all of us.