STYLE GURU BIO: Staci Griffin

June 3rd, 2016 at 2:00am

As a southern Virginia resident, most people are a little taken back by my style choices. I love bold colors and patterns, and I never feel bad for using them together. To me, fashion is the best sense of expression one can use. I can hide everything I want to hide, or flaunt everything I see fit without asking permission from a single soul. The freedom itself is so captivating, so I’ve never quite labeled my style in one particular category. I am urban, chic, culturally influenced, scandalous; modest, high fashion and thrifted treasure all wrapped into one unorthodox young lady.

I love mixing athleisure with feminine pieces and the highlight of my ensembles is often my shoes. How could you not love being able to choose a different a look and vibe to embody every morning? Fashion has provided me with a way to show the world my many colors in whatever way I chose. I find inspiration anywhere and everywhere. Whether I’m watching my favorite cooking show or watching the city through my window.I’m always captivated by the many styles people claim as their own. Being unique isn’t a choice, it’s a lifestyle habit. To truly be unique, you must take in all aspects of life at all times. I try to do this not only when working with apparel and accessories, but when working through all of life’s struggles. Doing this has enabled me to reach heights I’d never imagined. Fashion found me a long time ago, and I don’t plan on letting it go anytime soon.