STYLE GURU BIO: Sophie Petruskevich

Hey! My name is Sophie. I’m a freshman studying at the University of Mississippi. A little bit about me: I love iced coffee an absolutely ridiculous amount, and it is very rare you’ll see a day where it isn’t in my hand. The one thing I love more than coffee is dogs. This is my first semester interning with CollegeFashionista, so I’m really excited and super blessed to be a part of it!

I’ve always been in love with color and pattern, and I’ve definitely channeled that through painting and art, but I forever appreciate the creativity that goes into fashion—which is an art form in itself. Whether it be the intricate pieces, the shows, or the people, it’s such a fascinating industry to be in. While fashion isn’t just a huge production of shows and high-fashion models, my favorite designer has to be Valentino. His shows and pieces make my heart stop, drop, and roll. 

I would have to say that my personal style is more casual and classic versus trendy and eccentric, which fits my personality pretty well. I’m a typical Cancer, so I think my style reflects that! Very simple, romantic, and subtle. Confidence is definitely key to making a great look—recently I’ve been jumping out of my comfort zone a lot. I think that 2017 is definitely a new year, new me ordeaI. I recently just chopped my long hair off, and that was a huge step for me. In this look, I used my favorite confidence booster, my leather jacket, paired with a classic white T-shirt and light blue ripped jeans with some black ankle heels. To soften it up, I added a delicate heart necklace and beige lipstick. If you wanted to edge it up, you could use red lipstick and replace the delicate chain with a choker. This is by far my favorite look right now.

I can’t wait to hang out with you guys for the rest of the semester and learn more about fashion with the rest of the CF Style Gurus!