Many years ago while thrift shopping, I spotted a gorgeous vintage feather headband. The feathers wrapped around your head like an ancient Greek crown yet it barely weighed an ounce. It was the most beautiful, most unique rust red plumage I’d seen in all of my shopping excursions, and it had to be nearly one hundred years old. Needless to say, I fell in love. But for some insane reason, I left the antique store without it, and I regret that decision still today. After this incident, I realized just how unique the items in thrift stores are and thus began my ultimate vintage collection.

So now I have a confession…I am a shopaholic. Perhaps this is an obvious truth if you know me well, but for the most part, this is a fact I don’t often like to admit. As someone who finds potential in everything and can’t resist buying an item for fear I may have a feather headband fiasco repeat, I find it hard to say no to nearly every item I spot in thrift stores. For example, I had no idea what I would do with this piece of vintage fabric until I saw someone else turn their own piece of material into a cover just by tying the ends together. My shoes were another impulse buy, they are so ugly they’re cute so naturally I had to have them.

Being a college student and being someone who loves to shop can make life challenging. You sometimes have to endure a week without coffee to compensate for the purchase of that 1960s paper dress, which was a recent purchase I definitely do not regret.

But I can’t resist the adventure of stumbling upon a treasure trove of vintage garments and antiques. My old soul thrives on weekly (or daily) jaunts to flea markets, warehouses and tiny, nondescript-looking antique stores. There I can always guarantee leaving with not only a few purchases, but a few extraordinary stories shared by the owners.

In the defense of my seemingly harmless addiction, I intend to put my many purchases to good use. My future goal is to sell most of my vintage items as a source of small income. The thrift-savvy humans and shop owners I’ve met along this path have given me the knowledge and confidence to succeed in my aspiration. Someday I’ll be in their shoes (perhaps literally) telling my own stories and tips to a young Fashionista/o like me.My careers may come and go, but vintage clothing will always be there for me.

Stay tuned for more posts from me all semester long. Show me your RAD looks and styles!