STYLE GURU BIO: Sophia Tortorella

STYLE GURU BIO: Sophia Tortorella

Hello, beautiful Fashionista/os of the Internet, and welcome to my first post of the fall semester here, at CollegeFashionista. I’m a sophomore at Marist College, and I’m happy to say this is my second semester writing with CollegeFashionista. As a journalism major, dreaming of someday writing for a fashion magazine, this internship is such a cool and fun experience that I love sharing with the Internet.

The endless artistic opportunities of fashion are what continue to draw me into the topic time after time. Clothing, jewelry, shoes and other accessories express a person’s individuality and frequently enough, their personality. Through every outfit I wear, fashion does exactly that for me. The freedom fashion represents for a person is what helped me come to the decision to minor in fashion merchandising. For me, fashion is more than just throwing on an outfit, it’s an art, a lifestyle and a passion. Studying the subject has brought a new level of insight to my life, and I’m so glad I have the opportunity to share it with everyone reading these articles.  

As I try to make each one of my outfits represent me, I style my personality into each look. For this outfit, I styled a classic band T-shirt with a simple pair of ripped jeans and double strap sandals. I love the band T-shirt trend, and the choker provides the exact amount of edginess I was going for. My shirt is from PacSun, though ample stores including Urban Outfitters have similar chic tees. 

This semester, I hope to express myself through fashion on the CollegeFashionista website. Being myself is an important value I try to center my life around, and my goal through this internship is to help others have the confidence to do the same.