Hello Fashionistas and Fashionistos ! My name is Somara. I’m a freshman at LIM College in the beautiful city of New York. While I don’t exactly know what I want to pursue in the future, I am currently interested in declaring a major in Fashion Merchandising. I think that it would be amazing to become a buyer for a major retailer or even dip into some publishing. In the end, the possibilities in New York City are endless and I am very excited to take you all on my journey of exploring the trends on the streets.

I have always loved fashion and art since I was a very little girl. My earliest memory of trying my hand at styling is in the fourth grade when I adored the grunge style; I stole a chain from my brother’s wallet and clipped it to my jeans. Ever since then I have set a goal to one day achieve a life and job that I will never dread waking up to. My strong passion for fashion, and the work behind all of the magic of the industry has all lead me to New York where I hope to become more experienced with working in the industry.

My style changes very quickly however ever since I was younger I have always been more edgy than feminine – though I do find myself wanting to wear more flowy skirts and heels every now and then! I think if I were to describe my style I would say that it’s a mix of super casual off-duty style with some sportiness and a dash of loyalty to all things classic. My favorite things to wear are boyfriend jeans, pointy boots, white V-neck T-shirts, oversized sunnies, and a good jacket. Yes I know, really basic right? But these pieces have allowed me to mix things up however I want no matter what style or trend I want to try next!

I hope you enjoy my blog on CollegeFashionista as I share a part of the pulse on street and campus style in New York City.