STYLE GURU BIO: Sofia Villela

Hello ladies and gentlemen! My name is Sofia Villela, and this is my first semester here at CollegeFashionista. I’m an incoming junior at Binghamton University and I’ll be representing my campus this fall. I’m always seeking out Fashionistas/os around campus and everywhere I go, so the opportunity to do that legitimately is certainly one I jumped at! I’ve always loved fashion and using it as a means of expression. Through my childhood that often meant tutus over everything, bright colors and pattern mixing. Now my wardrobe has translated into a colorful one, with an eye for timeless pieces and a hunger to find my next tutu—suggestions are always welcome.

I’m currently a Psychology major with a minor in Italian. I’m obsessed with everything Tina Fey to the point where I may have written my college essay on her; I can neither confirm nor deny said rumor. I’m also nursing an online shopping addiction, which is totally real folks. A few of my favorite things are: black ankle boots, breezy jumpsuits, striped topseasy jeans and my hair in a top knot.

I’m originally from Albany, the capital of New York. Though I’d have to agree that New York City is the outspoken fashion capital of the state, there are definitely some hidden gems in the capital city. As is also the case in Binghamton, New York! Though sunlight is only felt for six to 10 weeks optimistically, Fashionistas/os still find a way to trudge through the freezing campus without sacrificing their style sensibilities. I hope to capture these style mavens in their element so they don’t go unrecognized.

Fashion is constantly evolving and devolving (did the ’90s ever really leave?), it’s a lot to keep track of. So be true to your sense of style, but don’t be afraid to take risks. Remember when denim-on-denim was considered taboo? Now it’s not only accepted, but widely encouraged by major fashion publications. I find that taking risks in my wardrobe makes me feel more confident to take on greater challenges, like a big job interview or even a particularly daunting in-class presentation. So always do you and let your Fashionista flag fly!