STYLE GURU BIO: Sofia Villarreal

September 4th, 2015 at 2:00am

As I enter my last year as a Style Guru at Trinity University, one thing continues to press on my thoughts: the search for that first real job. Knowing that I am now in my senior year feels absolutely surreal, and I can’t fathom that this time next year I’ll be one of those things called a “real adult.”

I am thrilled to be wrapping up my undergrad degree as a Style Guru where I get to know fellow stylish students and have the opportunity to share style advice with others. Before college, I would not have called myself stylish, and much less a Fashionista. At the time, I loved to read fashion magazines, but that was where my sense of fashion ended. It wasn’t until I was free from my high school uniform, and able to wear whatever I chose in college that I began to take that advice of “dress for the job you want” more seriously. Now, when my schedule allows, I like to dress as if I work for a fashion magazine, and it really helps put myself in the headspace where I believe that I will one day be that stylish editor-in-chief of a fabulous fashion publication.

This mentality, along with creating a wardrobe and establishing my own style, has been a process. I love to read about trends in magazines and blogs, and occasionally I try a watered down version of them, but I’m mostly concerned with wearing flattering clothes that I like- trendy or not. Along with an evolving sense of style, I’ve recently adopted a new shopping philosophy where I buy quality over quantity. For me this means, buying one pair of pricier black pants over the two sweaters I wanted at another store, or sometimes delving into a jewelry trend with a new necklace, that I know I will love forever. I hope to shop less (which is easier said than done) at stores where I can buy multiple items of okay quality, and instead save and really hunt for quality pieces that will help my wardrobe last. At this point in my wardrobe evolution, my staples include black anything and metallic heels. I love exploring new brands and stores, as well as thrifting as often as possible, but I never stray from my favorites like Zara, Gap and my new found love, MANGO. 

As all of us have, I have learned quite a bit in college. Of these things the importance of caffeine and a stylish but above all, comfortable outfit, stand out at the moment, and I have CollegeFashionista to thank for helping my style thrive.