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September 8th, 2015 at 2:05am

Hello Fashionistas/os. My name is Siyu Liu, also known as Lucy, and this is my fifth semester writing for CollegeFashionista in my senior year of college! The experience thus far has impacted my life in a tremendous way, and I am more than glad to continue this journey for the fall 2015 semester.

Little did I know when I moved to New York City at the age of 10 that I would be pursuing fashion as my career. Suddenly, this career choice has taken over my life and I am very passionate about chasing the dream. CollegeFashionista has been that first big step I took to really experience what I love doing and I have met the most hardworking and caring team and fellow Style Gurus through our fashion events at New York City. I am also grateful to have participated in a few brand partnerships and online features with the team. From here, I am looking forward to grow even more as a writer and photographer for the website as well as a social media Style Guru.

My style has evolved and gone through a dramatic metamorphosis throughout 2015. To be a Fashionista personally means that she is not afraid of experimenting with different styles and trusts her own vision. That means, on Monday I would feel very girly and put on a flowy dress with heeled sandals and on Friday I would be sporting a snapback with destroyed denim shorts. Sometimes I also do mix and match and wear a dress with my Nike Air Max 90. Dressing in different styles allows my closet to be exciting, so I rarely run out of ideas!

Thank you for those who are following me on this journey and I am looking forward to creating greater work for this fall semester.